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Vien tieu hoa Tam Binh

Improve metabolism, digestive stimulation; Relief of symptoms of delayed digestion, flatulence, abdominal distention, abdominal cramps caused by digestive…

60.000 Đ Thêm Vào Giỏ

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Vien gout Tam Binh

Improve kidney function, diuretic, increase detoxification function of liver and kidney, help increase uric acid excretion; Preventing and…

160.000 Đ Thêm Vào Giỏ

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Thap dieu nang Tam Binh

Giúp bổ can thận, hoạt huyết, thông kinh lạc, chỉ thống, giảm đau nhức xương khớp. Hỗ trợ…

84.000 Đ Thêm Vào Giỏ

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Vien khop Tam Binh

Improve kidney function, strengthen bones and tendons, increase blood circulation, reduce joint pain, muscle aches, slow bone-aging process;…

96.000 Đ Thêm Vào Giỏ