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Established in 2010 with the believe in "conscientious" and "morality", Tam Binh has become a leading brand in Vietnamese Pharmaceutical market. All of our activities start from the heart, towards the best interest of patients, employees and social.
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Our company has specialized areas to supply medicinal herbs, ensuring safe medicinal materials. Our factory is equipped with modern machines, with a total area of 8.200m2
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With the aim to bring good health to all Vietnamese people, Tam Binh always try to keep the price as low as possible so that many people would be able to use our products
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Tam Binh always respect and put the health and well-being of employees first. We regularly organizes professional and skill training courses for employees, as well as extracellular activities.
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Always aware of the business development associated with social responsibility, Tam Binh regularly organizes charitable activities, such as free medicine and medical examination, giving aid, building bridges, hospital...

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Health food

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CEO Le Thi Binh received “Golden Rose cup” 5 years in a row

"Golden Rose cup" is one of the highest awards of Vietnamese government for excellent business woman

Tam Binh Pharmaceutical company won “Vietnamese Top Branding” award

Tam Binh Pharmaceutical company won "Vietnamese Top Branding" award in 2017

Top 1 “Best Vietnamese product – chosen by customers”

Vien Khop Tam Binh (osteoarthritis product) was voted Top 1 "Best Vietnamese product - chosen by customers" in 2018

Advisory Board
  • Dr. Hoang Dinh Lan
    Dr. Hoang Dinh Lan

    Excellent Doctor Award

    Former Head of Surgery Department – Traditional Traditional Medicine Hospital

  • Dr. Nguyen Hoang
    Dr. Nguyen Hoang

    Former Lecturer of Medicinal Herbs Deparment – Hanoi University of Pharmacy Medicine

  • Prof. Dr. Nguyen Kieu Anh
    Prof. Dr. Nguyen Kieu Anh

    Vice Director of Vietnam National Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology

    Head of Research Department/ Main Lecturer – Hanoi University of Pharmacy

  • Msc. Ngô Quốc Luật
    Msc. Ngô Quốc Luật

    Former Director of Hanoi Research Centre for Cultivating and Processing of Medicinal Plants – National Institute of Medicinal Materials – Ministry of Health

  • Prof. Dr. Duong Trong Hieu
    Prof. Dr. Duong Trong Hieu

    Prof. Dr. Duong Trong Hieu

    The first Doctorate in Traditional Medicine

  • Prof. Dr. Nguyen Huy Oanh
    Prof. Dr. Nguyen Huy Oanh

    Former Vice Rector of Hanoi University of Pharmacy

  • Prof. Dr. Hoàng Bảo Châu
    Prof. Dr. Hoàng Bảo Châu

    Prof. Dr. Hoàng Bảo Châu

    Former Director of Vietnam National Traditional Medicine Institute

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