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    Inherited and promoted the values of a traditional medical family, pharmacist Le Thi Binh - General Director of Tam Binh Pharmaceutical Company founded and successfully developed the brand "Tam Binh "on the Vietnamese pharmaceutical market. Having a great passion for pharmacy, Mrs Binh enrolled at the Ha Noi University of Pharmacy - the most prestigious one in Vietnam, after which she worked many years for different Vietnamese and foreign companies. All those experiences allowed her to develop a deep understanding of the pharmaceutical market.


    With the motto “Start up with conscience, be successful with morality”, Mrs Binh brought Tam Binh to every Vietnamese family, thanks to it’s high quality while keeping a reasonable price, matching to people’s income. She has studied and applied new technological innovation to improve the family traditional medicines, as well as other ancient remedies. All the products are made from herbs and formulated in modern capsule form to maximize patient’s convenience. The factory of Tam Binh Pharmaceutical Company is located on a 8.200m2 area in Ninh Hiep Industrial Zone, Gia Lam, Hanoi. The manufacturing process is strictly monitored, with modern and synchronous imported equipment. Therefore, all of Tam Binh products are quality assured and licensed by the Health Ministry.

    Pharmacist Le Thi Binh - General Director of Tam Binh Pharmaceutical

    Pharmacist Le Thi Binh - General Director of Tam Binh Pharmaceutical


    Tam Binh keeps their high quality standard and reasonable price thanks to its secret preparation procedure while the quality of raw herbal ingredient is checked meticulously. Furthermore, the company functions on a closed model: It has landing dedicated to growing herbal plants, produces and distributes all products directly, which allowed the company to avoid the intermediary cost.

    Tam Binh Building

    Tam Binh Building, 349 Kim Ma, Ba Dinh, Ha Noi


    Tam Binh has also being known for it’s actively participation in charitable activities. The company has organized many medical examinations and allocated free medicines to the poor, elderly, disadvantaged people, orphans… Especially, Tam Binh Pharmaceutical Company is the leader in many charity programs toward ethnic minority at remote areas, flooded provinces…, in order to help those people overcome difficulties and get back to their normal life.

    With many contributions toward the community, Tam Binh Pharmaceutical Company has been awarded many awards, prizes: Famous Brands and Sustainable Development, Merit of the People's Committee of Hanoi, Merit of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry – VCCI, Merit of the Association of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises of Vietnam, Safety Pharmaceutical brand for Public Health, Certificate of Vietnamese products chosen by customers.

    Tam Binh factory

    Tam-Binh factory, Ninh Hiep, Ha Noi


    Personally, CEO Le Thi Binh was also honored with many prestigious awards: Four times received “Golden Rose Trophy” honoring Excellent Vietnamese Women Entrepreneurs, 2 times awarded the title “Top 100 Vietnamese Entrepreneur”, Thanh Giong Cup (2010 and 2013); Holder of Excellence Business Leaders Cup, Talented Directors Cup. She was also awarded the title “Creative Women” by the Vietnamese Women’s Union. She has accompanied Vice President Nguyen Thi Doan five times to attend the Global Summit of Women.


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